We want your stories! 

Sky-High Sci-Fi has just launched, and you may have noticed that we have a serious lack of content, which is why we need your help! Submit today!


We are looking for short stories set in a reality outside of our own, meaning it does not take place in past or present-day Earth. Stories set in the future (near or far), or in alternate timelines are fair game, as are stories set in space or on other planets. Successful submissions will likely focus on human characters, or at least maintain strong connections to the human condition.

We ask that you keep your submissions within the realm of short stories. Successful submissions will likely be under 5,000 words, although longer works may be submitted as installments in a series.

All submissions should be emailed to:


We want to pay our authors for the work they do. However, we are unable to at the current time. Our goal is to create an online following, and then transition out of the realm of online blog into the realm of literary magazine, with an eye towards monetization and real income for our contributors. We won’t be able to do this without you! The good news is that our early contributors will be instrumental in shaping the future of Sky-High Sci-Fi.

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